Important Facts Men Should Know About Male Facelifts

Some people associate male facelifts with vanity and obsession with appearance. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Male facelifts (or called in the medical community “brow lifts”) are a must for any man who has lost skin elasticity and volume over time, not to mention those who have lost fat under their eyes. Here are essential facts men should know about male facelifts.

1. Male Facelifts Are A Valid Treatment for Significant Thinning, Skin Loss, and Withstanding the Stress of Age

Men are often reluctant to get facelifts because they fear plastic surgery. Male facelifts are not any more dangerous than women’s facelifts. These surgeries are performed so frequently that some surgeons have developed special techniques that minimize risks and discomfort.

Male plastic surgeons have several techniques for male facelifts. They can use incisions, lasers, and other tools to tighten the skin and muscles, remove fat, and prevent loose fat from returning over time. The result is a younger male appearance.

2. Men Can Get Facelifts at Any Age

Male facelifts are most effective in conjunction with other treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments to improve the skin’s texture. And since most men have had sun damage, it is essential to use a quality skin lightening cream to rejuvenate the skin. The best way to do this is with a series of peels, microdermabrasion treatments, and a program that includes a great daily skincare regimen.

Male facelifts are done most commonly on men between the ages of forty-five and seventy. You will find some surgeons who will perform the surgery on their youngest patients (ages twenty-five to thirty-five).

3. Before the Facelift, They Should Avoid Tobacco, Alcohol, And Drugs

A few days before the surgery, patients are asked not to smoke tobacco. Smoking can increase the risk of bleeding and infection. Alcohol consumption should be minimal as well.

Patients also need to avoid allergy medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin (and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications), antihistamines, and decongestants a few weeks before their procedure.

4. The Beards and Bald Heads Require Special Attention

While men should not shave their heads because it can place pressure on the scalp during surgery, the same is true for beards. It is very uncommon for a patient to get a facelift without removing facial hair. This can be very uncomfortable and difficult to manage with certain beard styles.

However, even if a patient has to shave their beard or bald head for the facelift to go smoothly, this does not necessarily mean the procedure will look worse. It will just take a little longer to do so.

5. Men May Require Attention to The Neck Than Face

The neck is one of the first places men lose volume as they age. The skin becomes loose and loses its elasticity. This is because of the loss of fat in the area, which results in a sunken chin appearance. This is not to say that men don’t deserve the same attention in their facial area, but the neck does need special attention following a male facelift procedure.

6. It Would Help If You Stopped Consumption of Some Supplements Before the Procedure

Certain vitamins and supplements can cause problems before and during a male facelift. Vitamin E can cause bruising and bleeding during or after surgery. They thin the blood, which is not ideal when a surgeon works near veins in the face. For example, you should monitor vitamin C intake before a facelift. It can thin the blood and make bruising more likely. A few weeks following surgery, the patient can start retaking vitamin C supplements.

7. After the Procedure, Men Should Receive Regular Follow-Up Visits

Men shouldn’t expect to receive their final results from their facelift immediately after surgery. Following surgery, patients should expect to see results over approximately six months. You can ensure that you get the results you want by visiting your doctor frequently. If it is something that repeatedly occurs in your life, it probably needs attention.


Although male facelifts aren’t as common as female facelifts, it is important to remember that they are well tolerated. They are even performed on men who want to maintain the looks of their youthful faces. And with proper care and attention before and after surgery, long-term results are very achievable. This is why male facelifts are becoming more popular among men who want to maintain their youthful looks.

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