totalbiscuit quits social media

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TotalBiscuit was having trouble keeping up with his friends on his social media accounts so he posted a quick note explaining his situation. I saw that and decided to give it a shot. I don’t see the point in a “social media detox” where I can post a quick “this is what I have been doing” to share with the world.

TotalBiscuit was definitely onto something. I mean, if you don’t enjoy social media, then maybe you need to consider a different medium. But I also think maybe that’s what the social media detoxes are for.

Exactly. TotalBiscuit really does need to take a break. I mean, who else is going to follow him? If I were to go back to social media I’d probably try to find another job that I enjoy a lot, and I’d probably try to find another hobby. But I wouldn’t really be doing it for the social media detox. I’d be doing it to make sure I never have to look back.

It’s not just the recent and ongoing controversies, it’s also the amount of people that want TotalBiscuit just to go away. He’s one of the most entertaining characters in the game as well, so it would be really annoying for him to go through life quietly and never get to do any of the things he wanted to do in the first place. If we’re really honest, TotalBiscuit would probably just be a lot more fun without the social media.

Hes probably the most uninspired character in our game, but id probably put him in a different group because the people who are interested in him are really into the stuff he does. It would be really annoying if he was just a part of our social media, and a lot of people would probably be disappointed in him, so we’d probably put him in a different group.

TotalBiscuit is fun, but he’s also a bit of a jerk. While he has a lot of personality and seems to be genuinely funny, he’s also a bit of a dick. He’s not a jerk because he’s a jerk, he’s a dick because that’s what people think he is. It’s not his fault that people think he’s a dick. He’s a dick because he doesn’t care.

He has no right to be a dick. Its not in his character. Its not in his nature. Its not even in his moral compass. When he doesnt have to be a dick, hes a dick, and its not okay. TotalBiscuit has to prove to people that he can be a dick, and he cant.

TotalBiscuit is the man behind the new meme, “How to be a dick”. He’s a dick because he has a right to be a dick, he has a right to be the most powerful man on the internet, and he has no right to be a dick at all.

Heres a way to prove to people that hes a dick: he makes a video about what he would do if he was a dick, and then he does it.

The video is called “How to be a Dick” and its a funny video, but I really dont see how it proves anything. Its just a video that has a guy saying he would do anything to get to the top and then theres a video of him doing it.

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