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Write for us Gen is about writing and collaborating with other people who are interested in a particular topic. We need writers, so get your pen and paper ready to start brainstorming and writing down your brilliant thoughts!

Do you want to write a novel? Or do you think that you’re the next Brené Brown? Whatever it is that entices you, we can help. We need writers of all shapes and sizes who are dedicated to creating great content for our soon-to-be released magazine.

What is write for us?

Write for us is a new crowdfunding platform as part of our growing creative community that we’re building through Write for us Gen.

We’re looking for talented, ambitious, and motivated writers who want to write their best work and share it with their peers. You’ll be able to get your words published online on our website and create a personal brand that you can leverage in the future.

Why is Guest Posting Important for your business?

Guest posting is important because it helps you to connect with bloggers. We have a strong community of writers and a steady flow of readers that also enjoy writing. There’s no better way to build a relationship with your audience than by writing for them, and you can do this on our website.

What’s the point in being part of the Write for us Gen community?

Being part of our network will help you to grow long-term relationships with people who are in your industry. You’ll be able to learn from other writers and benefit from their experiences as well as reap the benefits that come from this platform for years to come. The benefits of being part of the Write for us Gen community is the ability to express yourself freely, and getting your words published.

Who becomes part of the Write for us Gen community?

Anyone who contributes content will become part of our network. We need writers who are dedicated to creating great content for our magazine, but we also require them to have excellent grammar skills so that every contribution is grammatically correct. 

In order to attain this level of excellence, we will require you to go through our writing workshop where you’ll receive access to a list of resources that you can use throughout your writing journey with us. This workshop will teach you how to be a better writer in all aspects of your life, from brainstorming, structure and style.

Guidelines to Follow For Article Submission:-

1. All submissions will be subject to them being fully original and all rights are reserved.

2. We reserve the right not to publish any article which is offensive or may be perceived to be so by us, our readers or other readers.

3. No articles will be published if they contain material that:

4. Nicknames/ names of people or businesses without permission

5. Content that breaches copyright

6. Content which may incite discrimination of another person and/or group of people for any reason whatsoever without their consent 

7. Contains pornography, violence and/or obscene images (in the form of photos, text and/or audio) 

Where should you send your pitch?

Please send your pitch to [email protected].